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Please, Don’t worry, this isn’t about the U.S. election, TONIGHT! Its goal is to empower the “words-person” at any product company — be that a copywriter, a content strategist, a support … Workshop facilitation is an important skill for any designer, but it can be tricky to master. 3 Interested. Maintain respect for your peers and for their work. The SURF program (Summer Undergraduate Research Foundation) is a program targeting Purdue University undergraduate students with opportunities to conduct, write up, and present research during the … Will Button (what’s with that name, anyway?) What will Confab become? You don't have to buy the book from Amazon to review … Please note this article REALLY is about WRITING, so it covers just a small amount of designing, developing, and delivering training materials. I just finished reading it, and I’m here to tell you that Design for Cognitive Bias is incredible. This is a great opportunity to deepen your UX writing skills and learn with peers—not to mention get away from the office. We’ll use a few different tools to create an interactive, hands-on learning environment. An immersive, hands-on tour of the world of UX writing from the authors of Writing is Designing. Participate however you’re comfortable. As before, we’re offering a significant discount if you register before January 1: $200 off the $695 price. Andy Welfle, UX content strategy manager at Adobe, and his friend and workshop partner Michael J Metts have just written a book called “Writing Is Designing,” which tackles this very topic. Okay, so some of this newsletter is about the elections, but we saved it for the end. Each session will include a couple of short breaks (5-10 mins) and one longer break (20-30 mins) about halfway through the day. be held to the same high standard by Brain Traffic and the community? This workshop is provided by Metts Strategy. … A writing workshop is considered a safe space to drop your inhibitions and share work that has become a part of the soul. Students write two 300-word essays — one personal and one journalistic — and an Instagram post, all about their object. Book. As mentioned before, we’re guests on the newest episode of David Dylan Thomas, author of Design for Cognitive Bias! Structure Your Workshop Block: (See more below): Set a schedule for your block and follow it each time. UX writing fundamentals – From creating clarity at key points of interaction to writing effective errors that help users move forward, you’ll come away with a solid understanding of how to write for interfaces. Our virtual workshops are designed with you in mind. Share this event with your friends. Get a sense for how to use your writing skills on interfaces, and how to find solutions that work for your users and your organization. UX Workshop: Writing Is Designing Tickets, Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 11:00 AM | Eventbrite Skip Main Navigation In this interactive workshop, Marty Townsend and Chris Anson will explain the theoretical orientation of writing to learn, including distinctions between writing to learn and more formal, higher-stakes writing, and then engage participants in methods for designing and evaluating effective, learning-based writing … In these workshops, instructors use student papers (in part or in whole) as the basis of discussion and instruction. Even if we know that our first or second grade students have had wonderful writing teachers in the past and are familiar with the writing workshop routines, we still need to start with the basics.On the day that I start writing workshop (usually the second or third day of school), I take time to explain what the writing workshop is, as well a… A workshop is an informative or instructional class focused on teaching specialized skills or exploring a particular subject. In an effort to promote equity and increase access to education for practitioners from underrepresented groups, we’re offering four scholarships at no cost. Literacy Teaching Toolkit - Writing Workshop Conference - Lower Primary from DET Multimedia on Vimeo. They combine lecture, discussion, and exercises, spread out over multiple days—so you can learn and engage without feeling drained. We were able to be open, honest, and vulnerable with each other. Michael J. Metts helps teams build great products and services by putting people first. New and upcoming UX writers. If you’ve ever needed to make the case for a content team or explain how this work fits into an organization, McConnell gives you everything you’ll ever need and then some. Product managers and engineers who write for interfaces. This guide helps you plan, format and review a workshop to suit different learning styles. A lecture has the spotlight on the speaker, but a workshop has the spotlight on each of the students. But maybe you don’t know how to join a writing workshop, can’t afford the steep admission fee a masters-level creative writing program costs, or you don’t live near one.. That’s where an online writing workshop like The Write Practice Pro can help in.. In this ever litigious times this book will help all of those technical writers that are given the opportunity to get all of the proper information into their manuals. 10+ hours of UX writing instruction, hands-on activities, and discussion (with plenty of breaks to recharge), 8 UX writing methods and 6 templates for online activities you can practice in the workshop and adapt to your own work, Limited to 24 people to give you more time to talk with the instructors and other attendees. Famed CBS News journalist John Dickerson is a huge fan of pencils and notebooks. They use our techniques to plan and write a document on a topic of their choice. The presenter will encourage maximum participation of delegates in order to support an interactive learning process and promote … We grew. In this guide, we’ll show you how to run an effective design thinking workshop. Set up a writing workshop! They have to think about how The more you do writer’s workshop, the better your students will become at the task. Step 1: Set up a writing workshop framework. Research and testing – Understand how to find the right words for your audience, then test them to make sure they’re achieving your goals. If you or someone you know is a college student who will be returning to school in Fall 2021 (undergrad OR grad), and if this type of work piques your interest, I encourage you (or them) to apply for it! Instead of crafting a message for people to listen to, a good workshop is crafted to give students the opportunity for guided instruction … We’ll use Slack to keep everyone apprised of what’s happening during the workshop, and as a way to share resources and links. It is a must buy! Zoom calls with breakout rooms. This virtual whiteboard will be where we practice the different methods we’re teaching. Explain that this workshop is all about designing something which meets real user needs. In this interactive workshop, Marty Townsend and Chris Anson will explain the theoretical orientation of writing to learn, including distinctions between writing to learn and more formal, higher-stakes writing, and then engage participants in methods for designing and evaluating effective, learning-based writing … Similar to your goals, this will help you clarify how to structure your workshop later. If you've read Writing is Designing, we'd be so grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon. Code of Conduct | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy, ©2020 Metts Strategy, all rights reserved. Lots of charities run training workshops, whether for their beneficiaries, staff, customers or trustees, but it can be daunting to turn your knowledge into something that makes sense to other people. I feel validated as a writer and designer because of this experience. The skills involved in designing workshops are very different for this reason. It’s a book that proudly demonstrates why our work matters, and gives you the tools to grow a practice. student-centered framework for teaching writing that is based on the idea that students learn to write best when they write frequently The hands-on knowledge was so valuable to learn quickly and make sure I was able to absorb and apply what they were talking about. writing persuasive proposals; Participants get work done while they learn in class. When he’s not working, he’s creating podcasts and zines about one of his favorite topics: wooden pencils. A Design Thinking workshop will spark innovation, foster a user-centric mindset, and get cross-functional teams working together towards a common goal. This workshop is a great opportunity to deepen your UX writing skills and learn with peers. If you’d like to attend a livestream of that, you can sign up here.). Hosted by. The following resource comes from the Purdue Writing Lab's SURF workshop on designing scientific research posters. An immersive, hands-on tour of the world of UX writing from the authors of Writing is Designing. Without words, apps would be an unusable jumble of shapes and icons, while voice interfaces and chatbots wouldn’t … As an example, the deliverables for my workshop were: At least one concept/screen from each designer at reasonably high fidelity Beyond that, it was an incredible reminder of the power of our community. The writing workshop is the heart of the successful writing classroom. If you are supposed to print out a chapter of your book, print out a chapter of your book – and enough copies for everyone. Props to the organizers for creating an environment where that was possible. By them as stocking stuffers. Ideally it should occur daily for 50 to 60 minutes. Writing/Designing Winning NIH Proposals Workshop November 1, 2018 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. To be held at: The Study at Yale New Haven, CT Sponsored by: The Grant Training Center This one-day comprehensive workshop is geared towards those who wish to submit winning proposals to the National Institutes of Health … Instagrammer @nat_pyper has been spending the last few months recommending books that feature science-fiction from Black authors. While our November workshop is sold out, we have two more dates available: Our February 10-12 series features times that are more friendly to those in Asia/Pacific timezones — 9AM to 1PM Singapore time, Our March 10-12 series is more friendly for Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The Writing is Designing workshop will take place November 11-13 and it’s going to include 10+ hours of instruction, hands-on activities, and discussion. Workshop presenters are usually educators, subject matter experts, managers or other leaders who possess knowledge of a particular subject or mastery of specific skills. Workshops are fully remote, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. This instructional approach truly engages students by letting them write, read, interact, mentor, and take risks—all at their own pace. List the tangible outcomes from your workshop that you want to share or report on afterward. You’ll see how you can apply the concepts you use for visual and interactive design work to the words you write. If you’re able to go next year (it’ll be virtual again), you should plan on it! Most classrooms at Dartmouth are smart classrooms, where student work can be projected from Blackboard or via a document camera. Give them to your co-workers. Nowadays, in the most successful products, writing is no longer a late-stage add-on; it’s now an integral part of the design process. Twenty-seven years later, he is neither, but he uses those skills in his day job as a content strategist on Adobe’s product design team — writing under huge constraints, and uncovering artifacts from big, old software interfaces. Miro for activities. (Speaking of Dave Thomas, we’re going to be recording an episode of his podcast this evening! He has given talks and taught workshops on the topic at industry conferences around the world. In this post, I’m going to share what a creative writing workshop is and how you can use it to improve your writing … Metts Strategy is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. Technical writers who work with product teams. Pioneered by Lucy Calkins and her TCRWP colleagues and refined over decades of research and piloting with thousands of teachers, Lucy Calkins' 5-part workshop framework offers the perfect combination of whole-class, small-group, one-on-one instruction, and … 10+ hours of UX writing instruction, hands-on activities, and discussion (with plenty of breaks to recharge) 8 UX writing … Video is welcome, but not required. That’s right, centuries. The writing workshop is designed to offer a simple and predictable learning environment. Writing is Designing: The Fundamentals of UX Writing. Follow these simple steps to create a writing workshop in your classroom. This. I would totally recommend it to a friend as I believe has fresh, relevant, and useful content. 5 Unexpected Benefits of Writing Retreats - The Writer's Cookbook - […] a writing critique workshop I realised how invaluable it is to gain critique for your writing from other […] Using Your Students’ Evaluations | Inside Higher Ed - Loved Workplace - […] that is a too-frequent side effect of anonymous commentary. You’ll learn the fundamentals and get the vocabulary you need to to explain your craft to others. This workshop is a great opportunity to deepen your UX writing skills and learn with peers. Here’s what people who attended our remote workshops in 2020 have said about them: Andy and Michael are great teachers and together they made the experience of learning about UX writing really accessible and fun. If you attended Button, you’ll know what a resounding success it was. If you write copy for the products you’re building, this workshop will help you learn UX techniques you can apply to your writing. A typical writing workshop session . We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. Read. Just let us know. Du Bois’s “The Comet” from 1920, to London-based West Indian author Anthony Joseph’s story “The African origins of UFOs,” I’m loving the words that come from outside of the very white sci-fi bubble I’ve lived in for most of my sci-fi reading career. In any case, Button was a bright spot on our calendar, amidst a sea of stress and tension. These pencils were in limited supply and are sadly sold out, but we absolutely love the 12 quotes on the side of each of these dozen pencils, and perhaps Tim Wasem (Andy’s co-host on The Erasable Podcast) highlighted the most important one, a quote from John Adams: “May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under This Roof”, This site requires JavaScript to run correctly. We've also got a few other appearances coming up, and are working on a virtual version of our workshop that we can offer. Each day will end with open discussion. Slack for communication. Systems for scalability – See how words play a role in design systems and style guides, then learn practical tactics that will help you increase the quality and consistency of UX writing throughout your organization. You’ll also learn how to facilitate important conversations and design activities in your practice. Folks from historically underinvested communities to especially encouraged to apply. A newsletter about writing for the user experience. From W.E.B. Highly recommended. And of course, we found ways to contribute — we were both on a panel about UX book writing with our friends and colleagues David  Dylan Thomas, Torrey Podmajersky, and Scott Kubie. This is an interesting and pretty unique opportunity — they'll be working across Andy’s team and Matt May's inclusive design team on content strategy for inclusive print and video training materials and inclusive content standards across the organization. So the students have to think of themselves as designers but also as clients in the sense that they are using a product, or a service or a space and experiencing problems with it. During this live, remote workshop, you’ll learn key concepts and work with other attendees to apply them. A few years ago, he worked with Field Notes to create “Front Page,” a reporter’s notebook, and more recently, collaborated with Blackwing to create some custom pencils for those who pre-ordered his new book, The Hardest Job in the World, a history of the American Presidency and how that institution has been in trouble in recent years. Workshop: Designing and Writing of an Internal Audit Report Who should attend Managers and staff of internal audit and internal control departments, who want to optimize the process of internal auditor’s report preparation and to create well written reports that can be used to bring about positive change and improvements Patricia has made it a point to write a comprehensive book about writing warnings into manuals as well as designing warning labels. From panel discussions with Jess Sand about equitability in content design, to presentations about how UX writing is like parenting toddlers, the programming was high-quality and super helpful. You’ll come away with methods purpose-built for addressing the types of design problems writing can solve. This conference brought people who do product content work together in a way that we all really needed in 2020. In this workshop, we talk about what writing and design have in common, and we experiment with different approaches to storytelling about design. We’ll use a main room for lectures and discussions, and smaller breakout rooms for hands-on activities. If you don’t know Dave, he’s one of the smartest, friendliest, most interesting UXers in the field and is a wealth of knowledge about how designers can overcome cognitive biases in their work and for their users. Remote workshops on UX writing, collaboration, and design. April 27 Writing is Designing: The Fundamentals of UX Writing with … I dug into one recommendation recently that has stories from Black authors that span centuries. Attendance is free, but please sign up through Eventbrite for the Zoom link. A computer that you can install Slack and Zoom on should be all you need to participate. No. Apply before October 19th to be considered. So when we first heard that Kristina, Tenessa, and the rest of the supremely talented Brain Traffic folks were spinning up a new conference, we had some questions: What’s the difference? In Writing Workshops: The Essential Guide, teachers Ralph Fletcher and Joann Portalupi argue that a writing workshop should have a generative curriculum, a series of mini-lessons based on the needs and interests of the students when problems arise. Check out this page and fill out a short application before January 1 if you’d like to apply for an equity scholarship! A Writer’s Workshop Time: Set aside a block of time daily or every other day for writer’s workshop. During this live, remote workshop, you’ll learn key concepts and work with other attendees to apply them. … Unfortunately, due to the time-sensitive nature of live workshops, we can’t offer refunds. 2. Writing up contributions Even if you don't use blackboard and chalk, you may feel like a school teacher when you write up participants' contributions. And, as before, we’ll be offering a few free spots for those who experience inequity. A couple weeks ago, the two of us participated in Button, the new product content conference put on by Brain Traffic, the creators of Confab. If you decide to teach grammar, target one or two specific … All attendees must adhere to the Metts Strategy Code of Conduct. With a background in journalism, he frequently finds himself talking about the role words play in designing useful, usable experiences. We’ll share the Miro board templates with you after the class so you can adapt them to your own work. Rosenfeld Media is bringing UX writing experts Michael Metts and Andy Welfle to New York City in April to teach a day-long workshop. A Closer Look at the Components of Reading and Writing Workshops. Start a book club. Participating in a writing community is an important part of Writing Workshop. Support children by explicitly teaching the skills of working independently and together. We’re on the author’s podcast tonight and Andy has written about this book before in our newsletter, so haven’t we plugged this book enough? Find him in San Francisco with his wife and two large cats. Absolutely love this book. Designers who want to improve their UX writing. He lives with his wife, two children, and a very small dog just outside Chicago. Do your homework. When Andy Welfle was eight, he wanted to be a poet and a paleontologist. This is, of course, a paid internship. Voice and tone – Learn about frameworks to help organizations discover and clarify their voice, then see how strategic tones should change based on different situations your users might encounter. In this way, learners use our writing techniques before they leave the workshop so they can confidently apply them back at their desks. While it’s specifically written for designers, the subject matter is relevant to almost anyone. If you want a bigger, bird’s-eye view of designing, developing, and delivering, you may find these articles helpful: Effective Training Programs: 8 Steps to Success; Tips for Training … Their new book – Writing Is Designing – gives writers and product managers tools that will help them integrate writing into user-focused design projects. Interview Transcript. Each day we’ll have a mix of teaching, hands-on activities, and discussion. Create consistent and predictable procedures for each part of the Writing Workshop: mini-lesson, work time, and share time. About this Event Writing is Designing: The Fundamentals of UX Writingwith Michael Metts and Andy WelfleWhat you'll learn. No we have not. Confab is very important to us — it’s where we started collaborating, and it’s what sparked our idea to start a workshop, which sparked the idea for our book. A typical writing workshop session has four parts. Live recording of the Cognitive Bias Podcast with David Dylan Thomas →, February and March 2021 “Writing is designing” workshops are on the books →, Check out this page and fill out a short application, Andy’s content strategy team at Adobe is looking for an inclusive design and accessibility intern next summer →, Dark Matter: A Century of Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora →, Why you need a content team and how to build one by Rachel McConnell →, Design for Cognitive Bias by David Dylan Thomas →, John Dickerson’s “The Hardest Job in the World” custom Blackwing pencils →. It really helps authors and prospective readers alike. However, it is a very simple and useful way of helping people concentrate and remember so it is worth doing and getting it right. However, if you’re not able to attend, we can transfer your ticket to someone else. Project Designing, Proposal Writing and Fundraising Workshop in Paris, France will feature a well-balanced mix of open presentation, individual assignments, group discussions and case studies. Three part workshop: July 14-16, 2020. We had important conversations unpacking privilege and responsibility. We’ve also converted the activities from the paper booklet we usually give out in person to interactive Miro boards that attendees can adapt and use after the workshop.

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