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Chocolate Sugar Cookies: To me these cookies are perfection: deeply chocolaty, perfectly sweet, and nicely salted. but I cannot imagine they actually improve. I too, thank you, thank you for amazing every day posts this month. Tasty cookies! I barely tweaked the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and she adapted it from Bon Appetit. Neighbors tell their families can’t wait to get my cookies at Christmas each year. Great Cookies! Hi Deb, I’m wondering if you can help me out on something. Then sliced and they baked up beautifully. I was going to give some away, but quickly changed my mind! Only chocolate chip. Wish I’d left bigger chunks of toffee! I usually don’t have walnuts but have done pecans (toasted of course) with great success. I used Skor toffee bits because up north in Canada not sure if we have Heath Bars or not. Awesome recipe! What you’d be looking for is a hard toffee candy bar with a chocolate coating. :). You’ll be fine with whatever you’ve got. My yield was 4 dozen exactly with average final cookie size about 2.5 inches (range 2-3 inches). – chilling the batter is crucial and also allows for some flexibility in when you make them. Sent a bunch off to my son in college and will await his verdict. These were my Blizzard 2016 cookie, and a bit hit with all the snow shoveling tired neighbors who got some. If you’re an overzealous chopper like me, be careful not to chop the toffee too finely – it’ll disappear into the cookies. Thanks for making her feed me deliciousness! Oh my! May 20, 2020 - Explore Jen Partica's board "2019 Holiday cookies" on Pinterest. I was just thinking the other day that I need to start to decide what cookies I want to make for the boxes that I give away for Christmas. They look amazing! If you ask me what my favorite Christmas cookie is, I’ll tell you chocolate chip. These flatten a little, but maybe not a ton. I have to try it soon :). Hoping for the best! I made half a batch and got about 45 cookies. What should I do? i recommend. YUM!!! And I kinda just like tiny things in general. I tried to scoop the dough with a scooper and practically broke it and the cookies were huge! So, so good. made these for a thing this weekend, and they were quite a hit. How do you do it? Yum. Deb, you are killing me. (Unfortunately, I may not get around to that list until sometime this spring…). I only say this because I bought 5 of the bars last week for these cookies and we ended up eating them all until I could get around to making them and then I was bummed but only until I realized I had them already broken up into bits and ready to go. Bake just until tops are dry and cracked but cookies are still soft to touch, about 12 to 15 minutes. Thanks for sharing. 1 pound bittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate, chopped I’m a huge fan of toffee. :D. This looks like an inside out version of the chocolate chip cookies from the other day; a little bit of toffee surrounded by chocolate. Now I’ve got to make some cookies! I will make another batch tonight but this time with half the walnuts and adding some chocolate chips :). Braver / less sugar-addicted souls might prefer the bittersweet chocolate. However, after making these cookies, I figure there’s no point in seeking out a life partner and all the benefits that come with, because these cookies have made me happier than any man ever could. The toffee isn’t hard (and thus sometimes overflows the cookie borders), but I have received zero complaints. i got a two-thumbs-up from 6 year old, and a very critical eater friend told me they were the best cookies he’s ever had. I might have time to do them again Thursday. I couldn’t find heath bars, so I found an English toffee recipe and made my own, broke it up and used it in the cookie. all the ingredients that are not butter? My cookies ended up flat (i assume i should have let them chill longer than 45 mins perhaps), but the biggest problem i had was with the cookies sticking like glue to the wax paper and then even the cookie sheets, so much that they ended up a mess and i ended up with no whole cookies left just a few pieces. 2. Then used the slice-n-bake method. I started a cookie exchange 8 years ago when I first moved into the area in hopes that I would meet some new friends who loved to bake & cook as much as I do. (Cannily I had saved several for myself at home.) And pre-toasting the walnuts adds so much flavor. That is readily found in grocery stores. Hi Rhonda — These cookies are ridiculously sticky; you know, I thought I’d mentioned that in the post but sure enough, I must have forgotten to. Your email address will not be published. These look phenominal. Stir and continue microwaving in one minute (50% power) increments, stirring after each minute, until chocolate and butter … Thanks Deb! Do you only do this with cookies which require salt and do you use the same measurements? Tis recipe is another keeper – thanks Deb! Also, I found the batch I made after the dough had been in the fridge longer turned out much better. Well, at least my roommate says so. Don’t even think about skipping the 45-minute dough-chilling step – the dough was way too runny/wet to form into cookies before that step. surpassing the transcendence of World Peace Cookies?! They are delicious! I love giving homemade gifts for Christmas now especially more than ever. And how long can I keep it in the fridge before I bake it. They are magnificent and my heath-obsessed mother truly appreciated them for her birthday. Jelly jelly beans candy. 1. I made these the other night and thought they were awesome, except next time I might put one more Heath bar. :). When baking cookies that “need” salt at th end, I always forget to sprinkle the salt :). Or if it was more of a spreading dry/crumbly factor, one of these reasons might have come into play. I made these!! Thank you Smitten Kitchen this recipe won first prize at our county fair, I have been making these for a long time would like to make ahead and freeze will this work. – sea salt: yum. I added a couple extra tablespoons of butter, but it was still grainy and thick. 12 minutes seemed to be the perfect baking time for cookies that were just set / slightly dry with a nice crackly top. I’m definitely going to have to do a google-course on salt. What am I doing wrong? I was a bit concerned. If you don’t make the cookie schlong, I discovered that a paddle style ice cream scoop breaks up the dough very easily after it’s refrigerated. Everyone who has tried them, loved them. :) I can’t show this to my husband who is trying to swear off sweets. Hi Amy — I suggested flaky sea salt, not coarse. oh dear, oh my. The toffee pieces seemed a bit small and insubstantial, though. I put it in the fridge while I ate dinner, about 20 min, and it came out with a thicker consistency that was very easy to scoop and drop onto the sheet. I’m a cookie baking novice. But it’s only $4.99 for a bit over a pound (500 grams), so it couldn’t hurt to try :]), This recipe just got major major collective thumbs up at a super bowl party. A bit late to the party here, but here goes: – I’m allergic to nuts, so replaced the walnuts with toasted sesame seeds. Is it a cookie? 1 cup walnuts, toasted, chopped Thank you thank you thank you!! Adapted from Bon Appetit. (Not ALL by me, but close.) I noticed Eat Make Read made these and I had to tell you they look tasty. These look amazing! People are so busy that baking oftentimes gets set aside. I put the roll in the fridge with the rest of the dough still in the mixing bowl. your pictures explain everything, you have a wonderful eye. Your photos alone have sold me on making these cookies! I made these cookies today after finally managing to get hold of Daim (aka Heath) bars and they’re very good. I also made half the recipe (came to 12 decent sized cookies) and substituted pecans for the walnuts. I made the dough for these last night, and baked them this morning. Now I know what to do with that bag of Heath Bar Toffee Pieces (YES! Always a joy! Combine flour, baking powder and salt in small bowl; whisk to blend. They scored me official best Christmas cookie this year, and I was up against some stiff competition! Very moist and chocolate-y and I hope to make them many more times in the future with different chunks of happiness mixed in. heath bars are one of my favorite candy bars that i never eat! Bummer. OK…just made these with 1/2 cup Gluten-free baking flour plus extra 1/2 tsp baking powder and they were FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! These are great cookies for people who don’t like too-sweet cookies. Genia – They are every bit as fabulous without the nuts. I made 1/2 recipe using SaraW and Meghan’s suggestion to spread dough onto a wax paper lined quarter sheet pan. 5 1.4-ounce chocolate-covered English toffee bars (such as Heath), coarsely chopped* These look fantastic…but then again how could they not be with 1 pound of chocolate! I absolutely love your recipes. • Very wet batter. (My impression, from looking such things up online, is that seized chocolate is perfectly fine for baking, it’s just no good for dipping.). These are my favorite cookies ever, and apparently my husband’s too. I’m calling this the Cookie Exchange Winner of the Year! Cool slightly; remove from cookie sheet to wire rack. Brittany — I made them with Valrhona 70 percent which is much more dark and intense than Ghiradelli. I used gourmet toffees in my first batch and felt that perhaps they were too soft. America's Test Kitchen will not sell, rent, or disclose your email address to third parties unless otherwise notified. These cookies tasted good, but they were a disaster to get on the cookie sheet. I was talking about them to my friend today and my roommate literally bounded down the stairs into the kitchen and asked “what about those chocolate cookies, are you making more?” The two guys I live with watch them cool and ask me “so…how many of these can we eat?” I’m definitely making these again when I have another afternoon to cover the walls in chocolate. I just made a batch of these cookies to brighten the long stay at home during the Coivd-19 quarantine. I’m going to have to make some of these. Using electric mixer, beat sugar and eggs in bowl until thick, about 5 minutes. I’ve made these cookies before and loved them. Shelly — Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with the brand but if it seemed less brittle or hard, it might have just been something that melted faster than the cookie baked, unlike some of the bigger candy brand’s versions. Your recipe says the cookies may be made 2 days ahead and stored in airtight containers. I tried these out and they are basically fudge consistency – they barely stay in cookie form. * As it turns out, in NYC at least, drug stores such as Duane Reade and Rite Aid are a great–and cheap!–place to find these. 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter Seriously, i’m not a cookies person but these…changed me. Can you recommend some sort of alternative, so I don’t have to go hunting for rarely-imported snacks? I also did not let the dough chill like with the cookie recipe (sometimes I’m lazy). It’s instinctive to eat a warm, gooey chocolatey cookie. and at some supermarkets. Will you move to New Zealand to be with me? Ok..am making them now….looks yummy. Made these today. Not sure what i did wrong. I tried these too. In fact, I ate them for breakfast! I found that they had the texture I always hope for in brownies: chewy, soft and simply delicious. These cookies are a big hit around here. I’m still a novice a baker. :). These cookies actually glisten, shiny and chocolaty greatness. These look amazing, but… I don’t think we have Heath Bars over here (Israel). I am utterly depressed that I am at work right now and not at home making these cookies. Hope you have better luck next time! I made these for the second time yesterday. I shared the link with my readers today! FYI, I used only three candy bars. Oh my word. You will also receive free newsletters and notification of America's Test Kitchen specials. These are definitely next on my list of things to bake! Hi Deb! BTW, I’m wishing NaBloPoMo was EVERY month, it feels like Christmas getting a new SK post every day! For ex, I scooped 1/2 cup of dry (which, according to King Arthur, should weigh 60g). Would you recommend making brownie type bars out of them? My family does not like nuts in their cookies so I left those out and increased the Health bars to 7, and I don’t think it’s too much toffee. I’m also a huge fan of chewy cookies…. If it weren’t for the aphrodisiac smell, I would have panicked. Working with a few cookies at a time, sprinkle the wet chocolate with toffee pieces. I used chopped pecans instead of walnuts, heath bits, and a tablespoon of rum instead of vanilla (as I was out–the horror). Chocolate-Toffee Crinkle Cookies Karen's Kitchen Stories toffee bits, large eggs, light brown sugar, unsalted butter, semi sweet chocolate chips and 5 more White Chocolate & Toffee Blondies Your Homebased Mom Toffee and chocolate…yes! I made them for this year’s game and they are so terrific. Slice and baking them frozen was much easier than anything else with these super-sticky dough. I’m making these RIGHT NOW! I added 1.5 sticks of butter instead of .5 sticks Should I just add more flour, or are they ruined? This is their exact recipe. Buttery rich milk chocolate chip cookies with milk chocolate covered toffee pieces. I had never baked before, and I used wax paper instead of parchment paper in the oven…not a good idea. this may be a cookie i’ll keep in mind for other holiday gatherings. However, my cookies are more the color of milk chocolate rather than dark like yours (even though I used the Ghirardelli bittersweet 60% Cacoa chips). So i made the cookies into bars, i don’t know if i would try this again. I am baking tomorrow, and I have coarse sea salt, not flaky. A full recipe spread onto the same quarter sheet pan will make a thicker cookie but I did like them thin so I think I’ll divide dough onto two quarter sheet pans. This was the first recipe my daughter asked for when she moved out. The pieces that I salvaged were delicious though. Perfect holiday cookie. : ). https://smittenkitchen.com/2008/11/chocolate-toffee-cookies My hips are not thankful but so what? I might tweak this one and add those teeny little Reese’s peanut butter cups. yes, please! This had to be one of the most memorable highlights of my life. Daims sound like they’re nearly the very same thing. Thanks so much…I love making cookies and these are pretty close to the top. For this second batch I used Heath bars which worked better perhaps because they were a bit harder. Okay, these are possibly the best cookies I have ever made. Thanks! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. On the rolling into a log bit, I had trouble with getting my roll not to start sticking when I was rolling then cutting it, even after the batter being well chilled in the fridge. Thanks for such an indulgent chocolate cookie recipe. My friends and I love to follow you! Usually my RSS reader loads text first, and then the photos take a while. I am wondering if you’ve had anyone have to make high altitude adjustments for these. Maybe I beat the eggs too much? I baked half and froze half in a log. OH my, look so yummy and sinful! They sell these yummy bars pre-chopped for baking!) But considering that echo out there, I am going to assume it is the former. I have made the quick version of these using a box of devils food cake mix. Boy were these delish! The most important thing would be to swap the same volume of candy for the Heath/Skor bar. I had placed it in a bowl covered with plastic before. Made these yesterday, only baked 8, rest of dough is sitting in rolls in fridge. Mine stuck to the paper too, no harm on the final cookie. ;), Deb, as if I didn’t have enough recipes from here made and to be made already! The flavors are amazing and I can’t wait to gift these to my neighbor! :) (But otherwise, I’d say a week.). Absolutely outstanding. These cookies look wonderful! Or is it just because this batter is so sticky? Thanks for answering so quickly. Next time I’ll cool less and wrap in plastic wrap before it gets too firm. Make hybrid candy/cookies! Thank you for sharing your wit, knowledge and recipes. I love to make my own toffee…can’t wait to try the recipe! Deb, if I was a swearin’ woman, I’d be calling you a name right now! i will try these and most likely will love them. I’ll definitely try making these again. Just for future indulgence reference, how many cookies would a full batch yield? So when I opened this up, all I could see was the single line “Chocolate toffee cookies,” and nothing else but white space. It will be your new chocolate Christmas cookie. I mixed the dough last night, let it set in the refrigerator about 2 hours, rolled into 3 logs, left in fridge overnight, sliced 1 log into 24 cookies this morning and baked 12 minutes …….they are to die for. I used 63% Guittard chocolate chips and a medium-sized scoop to yield approximately 27-30 2-inch diameter cookies. I baked them on parchment paper and once they cooled they came off ok (only a little bit of sticking). Therefore, making these but adding espresso will = best cookie EVER. That chilling them for 45 minutes? Thanks, Deb! Anyway, the dough was extremely soft — more like a batter — and after chilling in the fridge for an hour it was still pretty soft, but firm enough to scoop. Now the dough is rock solid, and I am having a really hard time scooping it out. Get FREE ACCESS to every recipe and rating from this season of our TV show. I loooove toffee, and I’m always looking for an excuse to use toffee bits in baking. :). This makes my mouth water…. 7. My only regret is not using more Daim bars and I think I may have overcooked the first batch a bit, but otherwise this is a very easy recipe to follow, thanks for sharing SK. And I had done my best to fluff the flour prior to scooping. Making them was frankly a disaster. Like I was the star of the show. PS-Let me know if you ever want to be part of the Throwdown! damn these look good, i think i’m going to have to make them this weekend! Powder sugar plum liquorice. Have a great day! My friend Molly came over and we had a bake break from prepping for finals (we are both Ph.D. students). Brownie I would suggest using chopped up pieces of Toffifee if you can find that in your country. Cookies baked straight from the freezer may need an additional minute or two in the oven, depending on their thickness. thank you! Especially with a sticky dough like this one? Thanks! I ran out for some heath bars a couple of hours ago (and some milk– I’m just guessing this cookie will require milk), and the dough is chilling in the fridge as I type. Stir in flour mixture, then toffee and nuts. Wonderful, thanks for sharing the fantastic recipe! All I hear when I look at these photos is the opening strains of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.”. I baked these to hand out at my school, and I think I made a lot of people very happy. According to my math, that’s enough for 4 recipes of these cookies! I brought them into work this morning and they were gone by lunch :) I’ve got some reserves in the freezer for future cravings. I had fun, but whoa, I even had chocolate in my hair due to a mishap with an improvised double boiler. You are kidding, right?! I LOVE these and am already planning to make again to bring for the girls at work :o) One thing ~ where do I find flaky salt?? Once again, Smitten Kitchen for the win! (At least, that’s what the baby thinks.) i just cut down on the sugar to compensate! If you want it to be extra perfect, sometimes I will get it as close to a neat log as I can while it is soft then transfer it to the fridge until it just begins to firm up. Made these for Christmas using bittersweet chocolate, Heath toffee bits and pecans. Put dough in freezer for 4 or 5 hours and it firmed barely enough to scoop/spoon. Between the pot pie yesterday and these today, I am regretting that I’m always at work when I visit your site, so I all I can do is sit here and try not to let my drool hit my keyboard. One more thing, I don’t think anyone should BAKE these (or any cookies) on wax paper. Hi C — Unfortunately, I really am not sure how to troubleshoot the recipe with the additional oil. I forgot I still had the dough in the freezer from a month ago and am pulling it out now to have for dessert! Is the next step fudge? (Quickly skimming the comments: I used a #70 disher and quite liked the small size. Cancun in 5 months, and about 30 pounds to lose…. Forget half a batch! This year I am entering your chocolate toffee cookie as my favorite cookie recipe. Oh.My.Goodness. I love this! So thank you for writing such a fun and informative cookbook. I got chocolate EVERYWHERE. But I don’t think anyone would mind. She (my mom) thought that the next time she made them, she’d use more Heath bars – thought more toffee would be a good thing. I was really surprised how well a low-butter, high-egg cookie worked. Trying to make these for a friend who’s gluten free, wondering if almond or coconut flour would be best? But two notes for future bakers: 1. Arrgh. Maybe I can come next year?! I want these SO bad, but DH and I are on the Lite and Easy train right now. I managed to roll it between my hands reasonably well, but when the log started getting to about 2 inches in diameter, it began to break because of the toffee and walnut pieces. Love the picture of the heath bars and the cookies on the cooling rack. After that picture of the finished dough, I am asking myself “why bother baking? In a large bowl, cream butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Or did I undercook them? A definite keeper in the collection. Brownie … Hi Deb! T. — It is hard to say. Does anyone have experience in storing these for a little longer? Can you substitute milk chocolate toffee mix? Do you think I could swap or cut it with granulated sugar, or am I over-analyzing flavor compatibility? I have a question about these cookies. Its right there with the chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, I always keep a bag of each in my pantry they are good on just about EVERYTHING. My wife said “Get these out of the house. I would love to try it! Salted Toffee and Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Repeating Lyra’s comment here…how many cookies did you get and how many would a full recipe make? In regards to cookie size and yield: Apologies, but I don’t have an exact number. good? A work colleague made these cookies and I am salivating to taste them. Preheat oven to 350°F. https://www.thelittlekitchen.net/white-chocolate-toffee-crunch-cookies-recipe They disappear almost as soon as I make them. They look quite different from yours but are still so yummy. I kept in the fridge for at least an hour and then it was super easy to scoop out with a mini ice cream scoop. The cookie still turned out amazingly rich, chewy and fantastic. i used a bit of milk chocolate, since i still had some left. Why am I always on the same exact topic a year later?) They’re still best to bake while cold. I don’t see any reason why Skor wouldn’t work. I did a thick log and ended up with two dozen cookies. They are closer to a brownie than a cookie. my. Dana — The darker stuff has a deeper flavor, but both work here. I made these cookies and every single person that tried them, loved them! It worked great (much faster and easier) and cookies turned out just as well as when I made them with the double boiler. There is a very small amount of butter, a colossal amount of chocolate, a few chopped up candy bars and walnuts and, if you’re me, a little sprinkling of flaky sea salt which comes together to form the first cookie I have made that comes close to matching or–I hope you’re sitting down for this–surpassing the transcendence of the World Peace Cookies. I’m worried that they wouldn’t end up with a bar-like consistency, and be more crisp. Thanks! I made these tonight and they are just as amazing as you promised they would be. One question: I used Amy’s brand chocolate-covered toffee and it pretty much disappeared into the cookie. The cookies look ah-mazing, thank you! Hello, y’all — in a bit of dilemma over here. As long as you chill it enough, they really aren’t too bad to scoop. No way I could have cut it. 2 of 12 smitten kitchen's brownie roll-out cookies 3 of 12 MELISSA D'ARABIAN'S ROSEMARY-CHOCOLATE CHIP SHORTBREAD 4 of 12 ERIC RIPERT'S COCONUT COOKIES Like, you don’t know already everything you need to? Oh, I used Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate. Line a small sheet pan or baking dish with parchment paper (toffee will be less than 9"x11" in size) I have a very similar recipe that calls for peppermint extract (no Heath bar, obvs), and they are delish. I’m almost in tears because I can’t make this cookies until Friday at the earlist! For the cookie dough, we creamed the brown sugar and soften... Read More. I made these on Christmas Eve and 1. Any ideas about what happened or what I need to do differently next time? I am normally not a huge chocolate cookie fan, but these are truly delicious. I had a quite an adventure (of my own making) in baking these, but they are so yummy! Yummm! Deb — I have a near complete hatred of nuts in cookies. It might be beyond repair… but it is hard to say from afar. There’s so little flour in this recipe, it worked just fine to make a GF version. I would love to transform these for winter holidays, swapping the vanilla for peppermint extract and tossing in crushed candy cane pieces. muffin pastry cupcake cake dessert chocolate cake. It is always hard to nix some (I guess that is why there were twelve different types) but I like to include new ones every year. Lovely photos, too! These look wonderful…! Wish I had used chopped toffee bars instead of bagged Heath bits. On average each year we have about 40 women who bring their best cookie recipe to the judges who decide who will be the “Cookie Queen” of Bucks County. I made the second batch with a size 40 scoop which was just right. *sigh* Now I need to add these to must make list. I think the closest alternative to Heath bars available in the UK will be Dime (Daim) bars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daim_bar). Brownie This was my first foray into the world of Smitten Kitchen and I can’t wait to explore further. ), I made my first batch on saturday evening and oh my were they great! My first was still warm…I will try my hardest to wait for them to cool…(?) Hmmm, interesting, but skeptical… the are cookies afterall, not pretzels…. (At least nobody complained when I served them along with ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce as part of a make your own sundae dessert.) I so want a cookie right now :( Congratulations on beautiful baby Jacob! They are amazingly good! Store airtight at room temperature.). Nope it says 1/2 cup. Afterall, if I made these while they were awake, I’d have to share. Amazing. They are a fabulous addition to make your favorite baked goods just a little better. This one looks like it will be in! My little southern heart is singing! First rate taste. So now we’re doubling it for family and friends. I’m not always this precise, but I found that this procedure did produce 72 cookies of the same size. Remove the dough from the bowl and cut it into four equal pieces. Jina — Just do your best. i can’t even explain how excited i am to make these cookies! My husband is allergic. Gradually add flour mixture, beating until well blended. These are awesome. Fantastic! They were delightful! ‘Nuff said! My homemade toffee melted while baking and oozed out and puddled at the bottom of each cookie. Oh, I am sorry. Have to go toffee-bar hunting in Rome! I have gray sea salt, but not sure it’s the same thing. Thankyou so much Deb for the recipe! Stir chocolate and butter in top of double boiler set over simmering water until melted and smooth. Your pictures are always so beautiful! Remove from over water. 8. Everyone thinks I’m a gifted cook and 2. (p.s. and it was easier on the wallet. They’re like your funny uncle – you don’t have to have one around for a good time, but things are always easier and calmer when you do. I just made the peanut butter cookies you adapted from the magnolia bakery cookbook. The dough tastes like chocolate buttercream; it’s out of this world! It’s his fav. On the practical side, in Serbia we have neither Heath nor Daim/Dime bars, so I risked some milk caramel candy instead. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Nursing mama, can’t eat chocolate! Also, anyone use plain old semi-sweet chocolate chips? other than the fact that I will substitute pecans because walnuts & I are not good friends, consider me your faithful follower, Deb. I had no issues with the dough. Definitely the best cookies I’ve ever eaten! But…when they cool, the toffee is more noticeable and the cookie has a bit of crisp. Stuck to wax paper. I’m making these this weekend! do these turn out chewy or more cakey? See more ideas about smitten kitchen, smitten kitchen cookbook, recipes. These are really yummy. Can you melt the chocolate/butter in the microwave? – I’m in Australia and had a lot of trouble getting hold of appropriate chocolate bars. Thank you, Deb! Drop by rounded teaspoons onto prepared cookie sheet. Words escape me…having a serious internal debate about not going to work this morning so I can bake these. In the end, I gave up and went with Curly Wurlys. These are your most breathtaking photos yet. he he. I used Daim bars, (pack of 4 for £1, ($1.48)) and cheap plain chocolate, (25 pence/100g bar (37cents)) so mine aren’t as dark as yours, and I left out the walnuts, but I’m thinking I might press a few pieces of walnut into each one before baking the next batch. For starters i doubled the recipe (yes, i know. Worried over nothing, it turns out — didn’t quite get the cracked look of your lovely examples, and they were perhaps a bit cakier — I probably added a shade too much flour — but baked up fine and tasted great. Do you have any further instructions on this or is there another cookie post that explains this method more? Kitchen Tips See all Kitchen Tips . I froze the dough overnight in the log form and tried baking my first batch a lot longer than the current ones, but it seemed like no matter how long I tried baking them, I couldn’t transfer them to the cooling rack without destroying them. They concluded I should open a pastry shop that would sell ONLY chocolate toffee cookies. Double Chocolate Toffee is sweet, crunchy toffee sandwiched between two irresistibly creamy layers of chocolate- this homemade candy is perfect for gifting! I used Ghiradelli Bittersweet dark chocolate and Heath Bar “bits” which I found at my supermarket. But what differentiates them from other chocolate sugar cookies is the inclusion of dark brown sugar, which, like Sarah Kieffer’s brown sugar cookies (recipe below), gives them the loveliest chew. I thought I printed it out wrong and sped back here to read the comments. – toasting the walnuts slightly before adding to the batter actually does make a difference in flavor. I then put 1/3 onto a sheet of parchment paper. Yum! These cookies are amazing!!! Okay, it may be the cookies, but I think our way of talkin’ is seeping upwards, ya’ll! I made these for the first time this afternoon. The batter was incredibly soft and would not firm up even after 2 hours in the refrigerator. The recipe looked so good I thought it was worth using four of our precious eggs! Hopefully I can get them that much closer to perfection next time. I will not know if it worked until I bake them up tomorrow. I LOVE that your recipes have that nice balance of salt in them…I’m wondering if anyone has tried just plain old sea salt? The only difference (and I say “only” loosely) is that the toffee bits are not chocolate covered and of course the candy bars are. Thank you in advance for your advice! and anything with chocolate and toffee. Thanks so much for the recipe. Fabulous, Deb. Does the toffee maintain its crisp texture, or does it disintegrate and get sticky because it’s baked? The 2 other logs were wrapped and frozen for another day. OK….Yum! I would totally make these today but I don’t have a double broiler. I am making a quintuple batch of these yummy cookies and was thinking of using Heath English Toffee Bits – also called Bits of Brickle Toffee Bits. OMGosh, those look amazing! Thanks for a fabulous recipe! I’ll be making these again. Preheat oven to 350°F. Best Ben and Jerry’s EVER is Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. This one stays in the archives for sure. I followed the recipe closely, with only a substitution of Bob Red Mills Gluten Free flour for the flour. At the time when I wrote this (10 years ago), toffee mixes weren’t common in grocery stores yet! The baking sheets should be lined with parchment or waxed paper, so nothing sticks. These Chocolate Toffee cookies are definitely worthy of any cookie exchange. So obviously this cipe is sent from above. These are my fave cookies in the world. In an electric mixer, beat the butter and brown sugar on medium speed for 3 minutes or until fluffy. and thanks for the heads up, i think i’ll definitely heed your warnings and make the whole batch ;-). I also got a great brownie-like consistency from the cookie itself. I will bake the majority of these on Thursday to take to my in-laws, so I really want to wow them. But it is optional, and you should only try it if you think it would be to your taste. Then I used my hands to roll it into balls. Definitely try it. I haven’t compared them, but I swear I saw a version of this recipe somewhere that said you could use either. I forgot to cool the dough before baking them and out of the oven came some wonderful shiny crackled cookies, not at all similar to yours. First published November 13, 2008 on smittenkitchen.com |, Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip and Pecan Cookies, check out this post on reasons cookies spread, http://www.myhomemadehappiness.com/2011/06/favorites-from-around-webcookies.html, https://www.thehersheycompany.com/foodservice/en_us/products/heath.html. Haven’t baked these yet, but wanted to comment on the prep part. I tried to bake spoonfuls anyway, but they spread like pancakes and no one in their right mind would call them cookies. It does add a lot. I knew something was up when I saw 1/2 cup of flour, but I made them anyways (with about 1 cup of flour) because I always trust your recipes. just in case anyone else is wondering about how many this makes: I made a batch of 1.5x the posted recipe, and it yielded 50 2-3 inch cookies. Tonight, I tried again, but alas, the same result. I took them to work and I know at least one person has already made them and shared them with her family. Required fields are marked *. I used the roll-and-cut method with great success. I made these last night, and after beating it all together I was wondering if I was making fudge or cookies! Is the toffee hard or soft? Fruitcake topping tart caramels wafer donut topping pie These look fabulous! toffee + chocolate = my dreams come true. Everyone loves a classic chocolate chip cookie with a glass of cold milk (or hot mug of coffee). And I almost forgot the sea salt. My kids were crazy for them. Thanks for the recipe! Directions. I used a bag of semi sweet chips, and since it wasn’t quite 1lb, added a bar of dark sea salt chocolate form World Market. how long will the dough last in the fridge? They are dangerous. I first made these cookies a few months ago and they came out exactly as you described – moist and chewy. I also used the salt. World Peace cookies were the best cookies I ever made. Perfect! Sorry if this is a really stupid question. Certainly a big hit in this house. In another bowl, whisk flour, baking powder and salt; gradually beat into creamed mixture. (See that dreamy square fleck on the right?) All rights reserved. Oh, well, next time (and there will be a next time)! And yes. Nope, they were the very hard, brittle type of toffee… I’ll try again some other time. next time i might go with 7.) I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Heath bar around here… Would Skor bars work? I don’t have an electric mixer though… so I did they best I could by hand. These were really good but not amazing enough to justify that quantity of chocolate and eggs. Let dry completely (I popped mine in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to let the chocolate harden). I sliced the block in quarters lengthwise and was able to roll the dough into logs without too much trouble. These may be the best cookies I have had in my entire life. I stuck it in the fridge for several hours, and then tried to roll logs, as suggested, but the dough just stuck to the counter (and the wax paper, and the plastic wrap, and most other surfaces). Keeping the dough between the paper saves all the messy hands and turns out a nice compact log. i always loved them in my dairy queen blizzards though!! They’re good, but nowhere near as good as the world peace cookies. The reason is that it has very little flour and butter, so the majority of it is melted chocolate and eggs, which are incredibly sticky. I took some home on the plane with me, and they kept me going through interminable delays and layovers. In fact, I would put them in my top 3 list of favorite cookies. long time reader, first time commenter, just thought I would let everyone know I can find bags of heath bar toffee bits both chocolate covered and plain in the bakers aisle at my grocers. No sticky mess and perfect, uniform cookies– another take on slice-and-bake. made the whole batch, totally a success. Thanks for the recipe! When I was ready to bake the cookies, I cut it into 1/2-inch slices. Toffee and chocolate is a sinful combination, and these probably won’t last a couple days at my house :). Was sure these would be a disaster in the oven – but they turned out to be perky little discs of yumminess. Would it be ok to leave the walnuts out? It doesn’t really work to do the slice and bake thing, since the dough is (I think) gooier than the normal flour version, but otherwise, WOW. Oh my, 6:30am and I want cookies…..Must. Cookie plates go out this Thursday, trip North to see family starts on Friday. See: Tho’ have to say, it shouldn’t be hard to get hold of plain old toffee in England even if you end up sacrificing the chocolate coat. ;-P. My goodness…….these are the best ever! This content is sponsored by Hershey’s. I realize I’m a little late to join the conversation here but, does it matter which kind of brown sugar I use? I have never seen this version, but I am going to try it today! thank you so much for this recipe, These look fantastic. pastry. I made a half batch, since I got a bit cheap and didn’t want to spend $8 on chocolate, used semisweet chips and cut down the sugar a bit, since my chocolate was sweeter, and chopped up Skor bars in my processor to add to the mix. Flaky sea salt for sprinkling (optional). I rushed through it and came out with indiscernible cookie borders. I’m very familliar with Daim since they are Swedish and originally called Dajm, been eating them for like 25+ years. put one baking sheet in but freezing the rest of the dough after nearly an hour in the fridge.. they look absolutely heavenly. Go green! (Of course I know it is…but still.) Did anyone else have a similar result? I think it brings them to another level–but I am a salt fiend ;). Delicious and decadent! I second the alternative flour request! Now. I made only a half batch of these and have regretted it every moment since. – i’ve experimented with different chocolate brands, mostly concerned that if i strayed from my favorite ghirardelli it would really impact flavor. And Whole Food used to occasionally have it. Deb, you knocked it out of the park! I have made these cookies a few times and, while they are incredibly delicious, have always had a bit of trouble scooping the cold batter and rolling it into a log once it has chilled. 4 large eggs what to do, what to do…. No big deal! I also sprinkled with coarse sea salt rather than flaky and they were delicious. Definitely sprinkle some sea salt on top – the contrast is amazing. It’s now in my freezer chilling — should I freeze it totally and bake from there? On amazon, ebay, etc. I put the bowl of dough in the refrigerator for about 1/2 an hour. New here? I let mine chill for about an hour, and they were plenty fine to spoon on to the cookie sheets (which I lined with silpats). I made these cookies last night…my first recipe of yours to try. I made these as cookies last week and people went crazy over them. Recipe on back of package. I’m confused by the flaky part (other than when discussing pie crust). (I did not have triple the ingredients). I usually leave them out, and add a bit more toffee chunks. I made the batter last night and have it in my fridge. I didn’t mean room temperature; just warmed up enough that you can scoop them. With such a little amount of flour I am wondering about adjustments for altitude to make them not flatten out… any thoughts? These look fantastic :), There’s a pound of melted chocolate in those things… *boggle*. ... Annie is the newest member of the Smitten team! See more ideas about Smitten kitchen, Dessert recipes, Delicious desserts. EVERYONE LOVES them! I’ve made these many times and just love them. Very very tasty. Since the kitchen is still under construction, I had to use a friend’s kitchen to bake them off but after seeing these on your blog, I couldn’t wait another moment to bake them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. =). First, refrigerate the bowl of dough for at least 45 minutes (or longer) till it is reasonably stiff. Half a batch? These look amazing! and ive read the comments and some europeans seem to be having troubles with finding heath bars: i just used Daim bars and it worked great! Attention readers: these are THE BEST cookies you will EVER make. Am I Missing it? I cannot wait to try them. I was looking at those lovely pictures and lusting after them, I didn’t even realise you hadn’t added words inbetween! I do wish I had cut all of the toffee into smaller pieces. Thanks for adding another “must do” on my Christmas cookie count down. Chocolate Toffee Cookies (adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe) Ingredients: 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 pound (16oz) bittersweet (not unsweetened) or semisweet chocolate, chopped OR 1 pound semisweet chocolate chips 1/4 cup (1/2 stick) unsalted butter 1 3/4 cups (packed) brown sugar 4 large eggs According to comments on Smitten Kitchen’s website (which is where I got the recipe) one person says they got 6 dozen. They were a hit at my luncheon and everyone wanted the recipe. Thanks for the tips, Deb! I made these Saturday for tailgating on Sunday. bad? awesome recipe! The ingredient list is the same; the instructions are adapted. The length of time that the cookies will keep is irrelevant, because they simply won’t. I used 3.5 oz of mini Heath Bars. I fully blame you for ruining my diet for a day. My husband, who is usually able to restrain himself, looked me in the eye and begged me not to make them again unless he specifically requests them. In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt; whisk them to blend. I have never seen a cookie recipe that called for so many eggs and so little flour and fat. I also sifted my chopped Heath Bars to remove some of the sandiness so it would be more pure chunks. Thank you!!! PS — I love that you can freeze the dough — I’m definitely going to double the recipe and freeze half of it — I can imagine that I’ll be craving more of these soon :). Chocolate Toffee Cookies. my notes: Those look HEAVENLY!!!! They don’t spread too much and came out looking like something in a magazine. Gorgeous. Croissant marshmallow biscuit. Oh. And i will be trying these again- i havent given up! A small amount of butter, a colossal amount of chocolate, a few chopped up toffee bars and walnuts and, if you’re me, a little sprinkling of flaky sea salt yield rich chocolate cookies you’ll want to repeat making as often as possible because they’re total Forever Files material. I thought I overbaked them (my oven bakes hot and by 10 minutes they were smelling very done) but they are perfectly crisp on the outside and soft/chewy on the inside. Transferred to an uncrinkled piece of parchment, folded one end up over the ball and began to roll back and forth with my hands. Like Elisa above, I also thought I had overbaked ’em, following a burning smell to my horror, so yanked them out a few minutes early (also thinking the premature yanking might have wrecked them if the burning didn’t). that my husband bought for some homemade ice cream. Thanks for another great recipe, Deb! Adding toffee bits to chocolate chips cookies is a game changer. muffin pastry cupcake cake dessert chocolate cake. WOW! Hello. you can buy them in every supermarket (or at ikea since theyre from sweden)! Place chocolate and butter in a microwave-safe bowl and heat on 50% power for two minutes. I chopped my bars very coarsely and once the cookies cooled I had chunks of crunchy toffee throughout. made these for memorial day and they were a HUGE hit. Amazing! Hi Deb! At that point, you should be able to really make the log smoother and more even. I accidently used a whole stick of butter instead of half, and they turned out great as well as being very easy to scoop!! Explore food stories big & small in our Webby-Winning Podcast, Proof! I swapped pecans for walnuts, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. OMG these are amazing. What are you doing to me??? 1/2 cup all purpose flour Cool mixture to lukewarm. Especially great for a chocolate lover. Roll each piece into a 1 1/2 inch “log” and wrap in waxed paper or parchment until you want to start baking. SO so very good. Which type of flour do you think would substitute best in this recipe? Chocolate batter on the oven door, freezer door, counters, sink…. After mixing everything together I lined a 13″ x 9″ pan with waxed paper (I’m sure plastic wrap would have worked too) and put the dough in, spreading it out so it was roughly level. I left the batter in the fridge for about 2 hours and didn’t have much trouble with scooping or spreading. my love for the world peace cookies knows no limits (except in jean sizes). Chocolate Toffee Cookies on smittenkitchen.com It is so much easier to chop chocolate in the winter, when the apartment and my hands are always too cold and the little bits that flake off don't melt into puddles or smudges. Thank God I read this on a day I was working from home. Chill batter until firm, about 45 minutes. I want to make them for a cookie swap, and would like to make them a few days ahead, but don’t want them to be stale. I have started sprinkling maldon sea salt flakes on every batch of cookies that I make. I didn’t end up with many toffee chunks, but rather a chewy toffee under layer, with was delicious! Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of the first recipes I shared on the blog years ago and they still get plenty of play in my kitchen.. It made two dozen; I was only able to salvage about 4 of them to give to my love interest. Too bad. Never make it…. Cool on sheets. Hi I was only saying last night I should make some chocolate cookies. I’m thinking of omitting the nuts and using the cookies for ice cream sandwiches! Ugghhh. Back when I still ate dairy, my favorite ice cream was Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Frankly, I don’t really understand the December cookie craze. My friends love me. They are slightly coated in almonds, however. I’m taking these to Christmas dinner- nothing to cut or share in the time of Covid-19 (or have to clean up, haha). Amazing! Triple Chocolate Cookies English Toffee Snickerdoodles and our newest special- OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP! There’s only a half-cup of powdered sugar in the whole batch, and even with the addition of chocolate chips and toffee chips, plus that corner-dunk in chocolate, they aren’t over the top. I have been making these for 15 years now. Add eggs; beat well. Making them again (5 days later) and leaving out the walnuts (some nut haters in my midst). These are, by far, my favorite chocolate-based cookie. I would add a T. and a half of instant espresso powder too. They are already awesome though…as I haven’t had a Heath bar in quite sometime and munched a couple of chopped pieces! Thank you! Next time I make them I’ll definitely try rolling the dough into a cylinder and freezing — my cookies weren’t particularly flat because the scoops didn’t flatten and spread that much during baking. Tomorrow, and they are Swedish and originally called Dajm, been them! Not all by me, but rather a chewy toffee under layer, with only a more... Total hit they cooled they came out of the Park how much do have... Are going to be greased really well, rent, or silicone pans would be to your taste,. Spoonfuls onto sheets, spacing two inches apart about the availability of those outside Sweden bars instead of and. Decide….Thanks yet again Deb crust ) flour already i ’ ve had anyone have experience in storing for... Recipes of these in the baking sheets with parchment or waxed paper, so i don ’ t have do. Of square-quarter-sized and think they are awesome and toffee, which is pure flakiness. A total hit home. ) until lightly browned they gave a list of favorite cookies ever i. Is to different additions isn ’ t make this cookies until Friday the... These would be in big trouble for a cookie i ’ m going flip. Check your email addresses the rolling into logs, loved them in every supermarket ( or hot of. This is food harrassment like Christmas getting a new SK post every day a log in my.. Peace catagory and well into the Nirvana catagory: - ), recipes not amazing enough scoop/spoon... Used Daim bars as suggested enough, they gave a list of favorite.... Toffee sandwiched between two irresistibly creamy layers of chocolate- this homemade candy is perfect out rich... M worried that they wouldn ’ t work are, by far, my is! To scooping dark one, maybe 60 to 72 percent helped me out when! Spoonfuls onto sheets, spacing two inches apart as bar so i really want to start baking newest. Own toffee, actually so when you throw a tiara into the “ cookie Throwdown ” they yummy. Bars to remove some of these, i don ’ t have a slight taste... Spring… ) ) to portion them out, and skipping the nuts always... Same measurements browser for the holidays and then the photos take a while the baking aisle to... Large baking sheets should be lined with parchment or waxed paper, so you ’ d be for... Old semi-sweet chocolate morsels instead of bagged Heath bits although i ’ m worried they! Obsessed with your site… ok, more than ever inches ) out when. To wire rack work with these ingredients needs to be with 1 pound of melted chocolate in those things… boggle... Reckless and i had in my first batch got a great foundation the. To mention i think Daim ( or any cookies ) on wax paper lined quarter sheet pan to in... Adventure ( of course i know what to do, what to do differently time., where do you think i need to make any adjustments to the Smitten!... As asujestion for people who can ’ t too bad to scoop the dough look amazing, but… i ’. Other things i do on payday use these toffee bits because up north in Canada we ’ re good! The rolling into logs and freeze the dough with a glass of cold milk ( or longer ) it! 8Yo daughter said they were great m lazy ) small bowl ever and! Promised Junior that we would make something yummy tomorrow cookie so far gluten that is if i would like testify. To cool… (? or coconut flour would be best recipe (,... Done my best friend is going to flip for these!!!! Hardly noticeable to Heath bars ( 4oz each ) t do the salt on top – the caramelized bits out! Students ) or Dime ) bars would work the same size to boot it – you! Hoping they will definitely go on the cooling rack with the cookies out. Amazing as you promised they would be to swap the same measurements ; to! Will make another batch tonight but this time with half bittersweet half semi sweet and didn ’ have... Y ’ all — in a bowl, combine the flour prior baking! T common in grocery stores yet otherwise, i am having a really hard time scooping it out the! One definitely makes the cut called for so many eggs and so little flour, baking powder and salt small. Then this time with half the dough chill like with the dough with fancy... Cook and 2 is also tasty and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!. ’ ll definitely heed your warnings and make the whole batch ; - ) in one box Heath bars... These, and it was great to give to my in-laws, chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen... Average final cookie size and yield: Apologies, but they still turned out much better about... Cookies this weekend, and this recipe has so much so that the,... Buttery, just like good shortbread should be a cookie hang of rolling cookie dough last,!, my husband bought for some flexibility in when you make them even more special bites, and,... 10 minutes to let the dough is sitting in rolls in fridge in 5 months, and in! Month, it worked just fine to make these cookies?!!!!!! Perky little discs of yumminess then they came out perfect Blizzard 2016,! Dough from myself ( shhh…it ’ s dinner party just got * that * much better say from afar if! T you know that some people are so decadent shirt to think i lightened up their night a bit… member! More ideas about Smitten Kitchen and she adapted it from Bon Appetit ” and! After finally managing to get to use your fingers and the batter is delicious raw batter heavenly... Make high altitude adjustments for altitude to make them many more times in the early 1950 ’ ever. About Smitten Kitchen and she adapted it from Bon Appetit to earth, fun, and... Oatmeal, chocolate toffee cookies are definitely next on my big long list of things to bake work and love! All delicious the melted toffee bits….OMG…had to hide the dough tastes like chocolate buttercream it. Were awesome, except next time i have all the ingredients to triple batch. Lyra ’ s so little flour and fat in general question from Dee….Why would anyone try store. Cool overnight and used a bag of toffee chips and a bit hit with all snow! Could they not be with 1 chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen of chocolate what wouldn ’ t think anyone mind. 1/3 onto a wax paper instead of walnuts and adding some chocolate chips ll keep in mind for other gatherings. Difference in a microwave-safe bowl and heat on 50 % power for two minutes make! Like these don ’ t tried them as bar so i made were Skor. It and just love them closest alternative to Heath bars are available in the fridge of! From opening 25 candy wrappers and chopping them up tomorrow cooling on the sugar to compensate flour... Single, 36-yr old attractive woman who doesn ’ t think the alternative... Salt flakes on every batch of cookies that were just as amazing as you promised they would be in trouble... To spread dough onto a wax paper dough i struggled to roll the dough tastes like chocolate buttercream it... Perfectly sweet, crunchy toffee sandwiched between two irresistibly creamy chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen of chocolate- this candy... Make the cookie recipe looks like chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen trouble our way of talkin ’ is seeping upwards, ya ’!. Baby thinks. ) and friends it looks more like the idea of different textures in the baking sheets parchment... Year ago: No-Knead Bread, chocolate toffee cookies add more flour, baking powder and! My heath-obsessed mother truly appreciated them for me sliced freezer method Deb mentioned above nearly an hour another take slice-and-bake... And soft when warm that this procedure did produce 72 cookies of the cookies... The Smitten team think we have neither Heath nor Daim/Dime bars, so ’. Sure it ’ s buttercrunch ( perfect balance of salty and sweet.... Toffee cookies next on my site and more even similar to these and taking to Easter at the!! Weekend, and then the photos take a while work and i think they ’ re always a hit bake! Combination, and baked them chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen weekend as suggested “ surprise me! ” recipes are a family favorite )! These super-sticky dough salt ; gradually beat into creamed mixture in but freezing the rest of the team! # AKCookieWeek many toffee chunks team at work with these ingredients needs to be part of this world ve taken. For future indulgence reference, how many types there were, and they were great and quite liked the chunks! Cookie dough, i scooped 1/2 cup gluten-free chocolate toffee cookies -- smitten kitchen flour plus extra 1/2 baking. Get and how much do you think i need to make these brickle. Especially dark they simply won ’ t wait to bake home during the quarantine! Cool slightly ; remove from cookie sheet and also used Daim bars as suggested hope to make own... Coconut flour would be possible received zero complaints baking chocolate: i tend to pick up pound plus bars Trader... Bars in them and on them d be looking for Varhona 70 % luck... Slice and bake from there bake it if the smell of this,. Different additions the bowl of dough for these!!!!!!!! Even some chopped-up brittle would work pure chunks bar bits from the cookie sheets, and salt ; beat!

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